The Kingdom Key (Key)

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NOTE: The SC1 version of the Kingdom Key is currently out of stock, and won't be available to ship until late April. YOU CAN STILL ORDER THIS KEY, it just won't ship until the date mentioned above. THE KW10 VERSION WILL SHIP IN 1 BUSINESS DAY. In addition, any other items that anything purchased in the same order as this item will be held until the SC1 version is ready to ship. Split orders up if you'd like the other items to ship sooner.
  • Custom house key inspired by the Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts
  • Made from nickel plated brass
  • Easily Identifiable
  • Personalized Style
  • Key cutter safe
  • Easily cut at your local locksmith/hardware store

What if my key gets cut incorrectly? The Key Armory replaces all incorrectly cut keys for free, assuming you have ordered the correct key type (see below). Click here for more info on our policies!

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