The ULTIMA Square Combo (Tie Clips & Cufflinks)

  • $59.99

A Hero's Armory Exclusive Product

This combo includes 3 tie clips & 2 cufflinks, all inspired by games created by Square Enix:

1) The SOLDIER's Sword Tie Clip (inspired by Final Fantasy 7)
2) The Materia Meteor Cufflinks (inspired by Final Fantasy 7)
3) The Kingdom Key Tie Clip (inspired by Kingdom Hearts)
4) The Destiny Fruit Cufflinks (inspired by Kingdom Hearts)
5) The Sword of Kings Tie Clip (inspired by Dragon Quest)

  • Three custom tie clips inspired by legendary swords from Square Enix titles
  • Two custom sets of cufflinks inspired by legendary icons from Square Enix titles
  • All tie clips available in 1) silver/gold & 2) silver
  • Made from gold & steel plated brass
  • Tie clip Length = 2 & 38" (perfect for classic ties)
  • Durable, detailed & high quality