The Heroes Guild is an upcoming rewards program for Hero's Armory customers and loyalists! By joining the guild, you'll be able to create and name your Hero. You'll then come here, to the guild, to pick up side quests or go on adventures. Adventures will be 'choose your own adventure stories' that help you upgrade your gear, gain levels & unlock additional loot & rewards. Those who finish each adventure (and the overall story) will be greatly rewarded! Side quests are smaller, easy to accomplish tasks to help you gain levels and unlock additional Hero's Armory loot, exclusive discounts & more!


After you join the guild, you'll have access to a variety of adventures & side quests.
Each quest will get you experience points, ultimately helping you gain levels. Each
level will unlock new Hero's Armory rewards, whether it's an exclusive discount
or an exclusive item made available ONLY to Heroes Guild members.



Adventures are individual "Choose Your Own Adventure" stories that members of the Heroes Guild can embark on. The adventure is ongoing, starting with Season 1, Chapter 1. Chapters will release monthly until the story wraps up. Those brave enough to take part of and complete the story will be given rewards exclusive to the Heroes Guild.


Side quests are small, real life quests guild members can take part in to receive experience points, which can be used to purchase Hero's Armory loot, get exclusive items, unlock digital rewards & much, much more. New quests will be added often, allowing guild members to constantly gain experience points and level up.


As a member of the Heroes Guild, you'll be given access to new products before anyone else. If you've been here long enough, you know that we often launch products at a cheaper price for the first 100 customers or so who purchase.

In addition, members of our Guild will be the first to know about new products, and some will even have the chance to get a hands on look before new products even launch. This will allow us to take feedback and make even better products in the future.

Members of the Heroes Guild will also get exclusive discounts, sales & other events that won't be available to our regular customers. Details regarding exclusive rewards, discounts & sneak peaks will be revealed soon!


There will be a variety of Heroes Guild exclusive items, including enamel pins, keychains, ties, and maybe even some keys, tie clips & more. In addition, we view The Heroes Guild adventures as an all around awesome story for you to get lost in! We hope that you'll not only get awesome physical rewards & loot, but that you'll have an awesome time exploring the adventures that await you!