Pedestal Display (Download)

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A Hero's Armory Exclusive Product

NOTE: The Pedestal Display is a digital download only! You'll receive an STL file, which can be taken to a local library, school or 3D printer to be printed. We do not physically ship this or any other displays found on our website.

The Pedestal Display is inspired by the legendary holder of the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda. Perfect for a single key, this display is perfect for showcasing your favorite key in a collection, on a desk, or anywhere in-between!

This display comes with two STL files - one with the legendary Triforce and one without the triforce.

Generally, printing materials for this display are less than $3. When printing, you can choose your own filament, color, and quality!

  • Immediate Download
  • Print in any color you'd like
  • Perfect place to showcase your nerdy key
  • Choose your own filament
  • Perfect for displaying a single key