What We're About

As kids, we would often dream of fighting evil and saving the world, like our favorite heroes from television, movies & video games. As we got older, we were forced to grow up, but we never forgot those heroes that inspired us! We wanted to create something useful that still reminded us of the stories and characters that we love, and Hero's Armory was born!

Each product we create and sell here at Hero's Armory is 100% unique and custom. You won't find any of our products anywhere else online. Each product is made solely by us and shipped directly from our team in Phoenixville, PA. We are always looking for the next item to create, and we think you'll love all of the products you'll find right here on our website.

  • Chris K.

    Chris is the owner of Hero’s Armory. He currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his two kids & two dogs. He loves Pickleball, Billiards & Datsun cars. His favorite series ever is Game of Thrones & dreams to one day solo sail across the Atlantic!

    You can expect to bump into Chris at conventions & trade shows along the East coast! He’s also the one interacting with you across email, live chat & social media.

  • Brian as a fantasy character

    Chriss J.

    Chriss lives in Pocatello, Idaho with his beautiful, caring wife and is the father to 4 amazing children. He’s crazily passionate about anything nerdy. His current favorites include Ahsoka, Baldur’s Gate 3, Tears of the Kingdom, Tress of the Emerald Sea, Starfield & much more!

    You can expect to bump into Chriss at conventions & trade shows along the west coast!

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