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Did you know you spelled "Heroes" wrong in your logo & website?

The spelling of Hero's Armory is intentional - the idea behind it is that YOU are the hero, and this website is your personal armory in which you can equip anything you need for your next adventure.

But yes, we understand that the plural of "Hero" is in fact "Heroes", which is why we also own "HeroesArmory.com" and a few other variations of this name, all of which will re-route back to this website!

Want to collaborate on a project?

We love to collaborate on certain things, such as social media giveaways and charity events. We don't typically collaborate for larger or long-term things, as we like to stay in control of our products, the designs, the quality and everything in-between. But feel free to Contact Us and let us know what you're thinking - maybe you have an offer we can't refuse?

Will you be a vendor at our event?

We absolutely love going to conventions & live shows! In fact, one of our team members is dedicated full time to planning, attending and working at live conventions & shows. You can check out the shows we are planning on attending here. If you have a specific show you'd like us to attend, please use the form at the bottom of this page to submit a request! Keep in mind that because we are located in Boise, Idaho, we tend to stay on this side of the country -- for now!

Where do you manufacture your products?

We work with two different factories, depending on the product. We have a very strong relationship with both factories and their owners, and we've visited both locations first hand to assure that working conditions are above average. The first, which we use for all of our house keys, is located right next door in Oregon. The second, who oversees production for all of our other product lines, is based in Ningbo, China, close to where Brian (our owner), lived for several years. We love both of these mass production facilities and can't wait to continue growing with them at our side!

Can I suggest a design for one of your products?

You can absolutely send us a design request using the form found here! Keep in mind, however, that this doesn't guarantee we will move forward with this design. We do recommend signing up to our newsletter to stay up to date on our new products, designs & more! Also, it should be noted that we are all very nerdy and therefore have already likely thought of the design that you're about to suggest. ;)

Questions about orders:

How quickly do orders ship out?

Orders typically ship within 1 - 2 business days of being placed. Our team tries to ship out on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturday mornings. If your order is delayed substantially, we'll be sure to let you know via the contact method you provided during checkout!

Where are you guys located at?

While our customer support works remotely & our convention staff is always on the move, our main office & shipping department operate out of Phoenixville, PA!

I received the wrong item - what should I do?

Please Contact Us with more details, including your order number (or backer number if this is regarding a Kickstarter order). If we require you to ship something back to us, we will cover the shipping costs and provide you with a return shipping label!

Can I return or cancel an order?

Returns & cancellations are so rare here at Hero's Armory (because people LOVE our stuff), but we understand that issues can arise! To get started, simply Contact Us and explain the issue, and we'll get you taken care of as quickly as possible.

Be sure to check out our full Shipping and Returns Policy for more information!


Do I need to send you my key?

Nope, no need to send us your key! In fact, PLEASE DON'T send us your key, because there is nothing we can do with it! :)

We sell two of the most popular types of keys (called keyways) on our website, called Kwikset & Schlage. It's very likely that you have one of these two keys! We have a keyway guide that you can look at here. This guide is also in the product description for every key that we sell. Please take a look at this chart to determine which type of key you have.

If you still can't determine your key, feel free to Contact Us and send a picture of your key - we will take a look and let you know if it's compatible!

I don't have a Kwikset or Schlage. Now what?

If you don't have a Kwikset or Schlage, it's very likely that your key is not compatible with ours. The exception is Weiser keys - if you have a Weiser WR5, you can use one of our Kwisket keys and it will work with your lock. It should also be noted that The Hero's Sword (Key) is currently available as a Yale Y1 key, which is used primarily in the UK. However, always go to a real locksmith (as we said above), as these can be a bit trickier to cut. If your key isn't compatible, we recommend taking a look at our other product lines to find something that interests you!

Where should I get my key cut?

While you can get your new key cut at a hardware store like Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware or even Walmart, we always recommend finding a true, local locksmith in your area! Not only are we huge supporters of small & local businesses, but it's just a simple fact that a real locksmith will always cut your key much better!

My key got cut incorrectly...what can I do?

It is possible that a locksmith may cut your key incorrectly. In those rare cases, we will ship you a brand new key, completely free of charge! Simply Contact Us and attach a few pictures of the incorrectly cut key, along with the key you are trying to duplicate! We've provided the necessary resources to assure you buy the correct keyway. If you have a question, please Contact Us prior to purchasing to make sure that your key is compatible. Please note that this replacement policy does not include keys that were purchased for locks other than Kwikset and Schlage.

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