There are a variety of different keys used throughout the world. We carry two of the most common types, Kwikset & Schlage, right here at The Key Armory. It's very likely that your key is one of these two, though occasionally, a different type is used, especially outside of the United States. There are few differences between these types of keys, but they are not interchangable. In the end, it comes down to whatever locks were installed on your door when it was installed.

Use the following guides to help you determine which type of key you need to order. While the three methods below are generally fine for determining your type of key, you may feel overhwhelmed or have questions regarding your key type. Please don't hesitate to Contact Us if you have questions!


Often times, you can figure out what type of key you need just by looking at the "head" of your key. The first thing you'll want to do is look at the head or base of the key (the actual leverage you use to turn your key in your lock). Kwikset keys are generally more round, with three holes (or one) at the top of the head. Schlage keys are generally more rough at the top, with a blocky or edgy appearance. While these shapes can vary, this is the first thing we recommend checking. Use the image to the left as a reference.


A lot of times, your key can be identified by the engravings in the head of the key. These engravings are usually a code, such as KW1 or SC1. Sometimes, the brand of your key is also written on the head of the key. Use the images/codes to the left as reference.

NOTE: If your key has a different code, it's likely that our keys are not compatible with your lock. For the engravings WR5 & WR2, see the section "Using Kwikset Keys in Your Weiser Lock" below!

The following engravings will work with our Kwikset keys: KW10, KW1, 66, 6, 65 & 5

The following engravings will work with our Schlage keys: SC1, 68 & C


Be sure your key is placed down flat with the head at the top and the bottom tip of the key on the left, as seen in the picture to the left. If it is not placed correctly, you will order the wrong key. If placed incorrectly, simply flip the key over. If you are looking at the correct side of the key, a Kwikset key will have two grooves, or indents. The Schlage will have only one groove or indent. If yours is different entirely, it's likely that our keys are not compatible with your lock. Use the image to the left as reference.


Weiser keys (usually with an engraving of WR5 or WR3) can be duplicated using the Kwikset key type, though Kwikset keys cannot be used in a Weiser lock. In short, our Kwikset keys should be compatible with your Weirser locks. If you have a Weiser key, it will either look like the image above or have the codes WR3/WR5 engraved on it. Weiser keys generally have a square head. If you're not sure, send us a picture to!

It's a good chance that your Weiser key will match our Kwikset style, but it may also wear down your lock a small amount over time. For this reason, we don't offer any refunds or replacements for Weiser keys.


Currently, we only offer the Yale Y1 key in one design - The Hero's Sword. However, if you're located outside of the United States (and especially in the United Kingdom) it's possible that this is the type of key that you need. If you have a Yale key, it will either look like the image above or have the code 'Y1' engraved on it. If you're not sure, send us a picture of your key to!

Please note that the shape of the Yale Y1 looks similar to mailbox keys used throughout the United States & other countries. The Yale Y1 key is not compatible with mailbox locks, and refunds will not be given to those who buy this key as a mailbox key.

I think I have a Kwikset or Schlage key, but my head is different than the images above. What's up with that?

It's possible that you have a Kwikset or Schlage key that does not look exactly like the images above. In fact, LOTS of different manufacturers create Schlage & Kwikset keys, and they create different looking heads in order to stand out. Because of this, the head of your key is actually the least important of the three methods above. If you think you still have a compatible key, be sure to check for an engraving or match the grooves of your key with the above image in method #3!

My key does not match any of the three methods above. What do I do now?

Unfortunately, if your key doesn't match the Kwikset or Schlage styles detailed above, then we don't carry any keys that are compatible with your locks (with the exception of the Yale key type for The Hero's Sword). Be sure to follow our Facebook page and keep an eye out for any additional key types we may announce in the future!

Still not sure what keyway you need? Contact Us!