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Tie & Tie Clip

Rebel's Tie + Dark Laser Sword

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Rebel's Tie Length
Dark Laser Sword Color
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This combo includes:

1) 'The Rebel's Tie'
2) 'The Dark Laser Sword' tie clip

Rebel's Tie Features:

  • Tie inspired by the Star Wars series
  • Available in 2 lengths (60" or 65")
  • Made from durable polyester material that makes colors pop
  • Perfectly designed to accompany our tie clips
  • Durable, detailed & high quality

Dark Laser Sword Features:

  • Tie clip inspired by Darth Vader's Lightsaber from Star Wars
  • Available in 1) silver/gold & 2) silver
  • Made from gold & steel plated brass
  • Length = 2 & 38" (perfect size for our ties)
  • Durable, detailed & high quality

Tie Sizing Guide

Tie Style Guide

Tie Clip Style Guide

To use the tie clip correctly, it should also clip to the inside of your shirt beneath the tie, keeping your tie securely in place.

As a general rule of thumb, you want to place your tie clip between the third and fourth button of your dress shirt. Take a look at the image below for reference:

Other Style Tips

Don't wear a tie clip that exceeds the width of your tie. Our tie clips all measure 2 & 3/8" long, making them perfectly compatible with our ties. But if you aren't using your clip with our unique ties, make sure you wear a tie that is compatible. Typically, our tie clips do not work well with skinny ties.

Lastly, if you are wearing a three piece suit (which means you're wearing a vest underneath you're suit jacket), you shouldn't wear a tie clip.


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A white tie clip being clipped to a purple tie

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