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House Key

The Blade of ALfheim

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  • Custom house key inspired by the Elucidator from Sword Art Online
  • Made from nickel plated brass
  • Easily cut at your local locksmith/hardware store

Key Guide

Replacement Policy

It is possible that a locksmith may cut your key incorrectly. To avoid this, stick to the following rules:

- NEVER take your key to a place like Walmart or Home Depot unless you absolutely must
use a true local locksmith in your area (they'll always do a better job, and it's great to support local businesses)
use an original key to make a copy

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Three silver house keys on a sandy beach

Unlock the hero within...

We wanted to forge something that we could use in our daily lives while still remembering the heroes & villains from our favorite games, movies & more.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Best. House key. EVER!

Looks better in person!!

The key is made out of the same metal as a traditional door key and the design is BEAUTIFUL. Well worth the purchase.

Wes Randall
Well worth the wait

I pre-ordered this and also got my wife the Hero Sword (she's a big Legend of Zelda fan). We couldn't be happier with either! We had to wait a little while for the Blade of Alfheim since it was a pre-order item. But it was completely worth it. The detail on this is awesome. I will say it is by far the longest key on my key chain which I was hesitant about at first. But now I love how long it is because it makes it very easy for me to find my house key on a ring that already has a ton of keys on it.

Russel Jacobson
Very happy with this!

I love my new sword key! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen SAO. This is an awesome rendition!

Regan Anderson
Anime sword

I’m so glad anime designs are being represented! I’m happy to say that, not only does this key look amazing, it works better than my original key! I’m very.