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House Key

The Boss Key

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  • Custom house key inspired by the final key found in dungeons in The Legend of Zelda series
  • Made from nickel plated brass
  • Easily cut at your local locksmith/hardware store

Key Guide

Replacement Policy

It is possible that a locksmith may cut your key incorrectly. To avoid this, stick to the following rules:

- NEVER take your key to a place like Walmart or Home Depot unless you absolutely must
use a true local locksmith in your area (they'll always do a better job, and it's great to support local businesses)
use an original key to make a copy

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This product ships directly from our team in 2 - 3 business days. You'll receive a tracking number to the email or phone number you provide us with once this item ships.

Typically, orders will arrive within 3 - 7 business days within the US. International orders can take anywhere between 2 - 3 weeks to arrive.

Three silver house keys on a sandy beach

Unlock the hero within...

We wanted to forge something that we could use in our daily lives while still remembering the heroes & villains from our favorite games, movies & more.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Christopher Miller
Make an entrance

Good way to prevent confusing my house key with others on my chain. Gives an epic feel to entering the home now. Feels solid and looks good!

Very cool

I had one of these for the deadbolt at my old house, loved it, and now that I've moved to a new place I definitely need a new key, too!

I will also emphasize: don't try to get Home Depot to cut it. Go to a real local locksmith. They'll also probably warn you that they can't guarantee that it'll work, please use an original key to make a copy, etc etc, but mine always worked like a dream.


don’t regret buying at all. you can really tell they’re good quality. they aren’t thin or flimsy, they’re very thick and also very large - almost double that of a normal key. it’s absolutely gorgeous and i am so happy with my purchase!

So freaking cool

The key is super sturdy and heavy duty. I was concerned a bit that it was going to be flimsy but decided to pick it up based on other reviews. Super glad I did. Took it to a locksmith who was equally impressed (which gave me even more confidence that it was well made) and now absolutely love using it to open my front door!

Note: I did try taking this key to home depot first and they wouldn't cut it out of fear of messing it up and being liable. I consulted with Hero's Armory live chat and they said to try to find a true locksmith in the area. So, heads up if you are buying a key -- go to a real locksmith, they really know what they are doing!

Will 1000% be back for more.


This is my first key ever and it’s probably the coolest key out there love the design I got mine and rose city comic con and I totally suggest it I’m also a big Zelda nerd so this is totally cool
I always do the Zelda sound affect when I open my door great key

SO HAPPY YOU LOVE YOUR KEY, and thanks for stopping by our booth :)