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The Fantasy Tie

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  • Tie inspired by the Final Fantasy series
  • Available in 2 lengths (60" or 65")
  • Made from durable polyester material that makes colors pop
  • Perfectly designed to accompany our tie clips
  • Durable, detailed & high quality

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A silver and gold tie clip on a dark green tie

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We set out to create something that paired perfectly with our tie clips. Minimal designs, subtle colors with recognizable icons & symbols = the perfect tie.

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Customer Reviews

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Kevin Larson

I have been buying silk and high quality cotton ties for years I didn’t think a polyester tie could have the same quality and yet look so good compared to the other ties that I’ve been buying for over a decade.

I have been a customer of heroes Armory since they started making keys. I jumped right in with the tie clips and When the Kickstarter was announced Iwas curious if the ties would have the same stellar quality of all their other products.

If you were on the fence about these ties, take the plunge!!!!

I now have 10 different designs and they are all fantastic. I get compliments every day that I wear them

Most of the designs are subtle and yet scream personality. I work in a very traditional conservative Bank and The designs still look clean, sharp and professional.

I absolutely cannot recommend these ties enough!!!


I have always loved the Chocobos of the Final Fantasy Series. This tie is a must if youre ordering because its so unique and subtle that people can't help but ask about it.

Love this tie

I’m a huge FF fan and this time is awesome. The color really pops and the quality is outstanding. I have to wear a tie 6 days a week 12 hours a day, so I need ties that will last. This one passes the test. Ties are made with hardy materials.