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House Keys

The Square Combo

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1) SOLDIER's Sword & 2) Gunblade Revolver key type (see Key Guide below)
3) Kingdom Key, 4) Key of Light & 5) Key of Darkness key type (see Key Guide below)
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This combo includes:

1) 'The Kingdom Key' house key
2) 'The Key of Light' house key

3) 'The Key of Darkness' house key
4) 'The SOLDIER's Sword' house key
5) 'The Gunblade Revolver' house key

  • Five custom house keys inspired by legendary swords from Square Enix titles
  • Made from nickel plated brass
  • Easily Identifiable
  • Personalized Style
  • Easily cut at your local locksmith/hardware store

Key Guide

Replacement Policy

It is possible that a locksmith may cut your key incorrectly. To avoid this, stick to the following rules:

- NEVER take your key to a place like Walmart or Home Depot unless you absolutely must
use a true local locksmith in your area (they'll always do a better job, and it's great to support local businesses)
use an original key to make a copy

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Better in a combo...

Your keyring will never be happier than the day you replace all your boring keys with the awesomeness of sword keys. Not to mention you'll be able to quickly identify which key belongs to which lock!

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